royal enfield bike in a dark sky background


The power of the visual world is at your finger-tips. Together we can bring stunning, dimensional animation from nearly any 2D source to your productions. Immersive, show-stopping photograph treatments, Logos that come to life, high quality VFX for any level of production…and as simple and close as your computer.


Hi, I’m Rushanthan. I am a professional creative artist who specializes in 2.5D Parallax animation, logo design and animation and a VFX artist. My work can be seen around the world.


The 4 reasons professionals choose to work with me:

1. I deliver beyond my client’s expectation and on time

2. I have the experience to take nearly any flat picture and infuse dimensional life into it.

3. Based in Sri Lanka allowing your budget dollars to be maximized with effortless transactions.

4. I am a great listener, easy to work with and an excellent translator of your ideas